What's In My Makeup Bag

 As it's Christmas holidays I have been out of my house and been taking a makeup bag with my 'essential' makeup items. 
I didn't have a makeup bag before I got the Kylie Jenner holiday collection and this makeup bag seems to be the perfect size for a full face of makeup.
 I can actually fit in my favourite pallet the Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet.
The Urban Decay setting spray.
The Hoola bronzer from benefit which I use as a contour and a bronzer which is very handy.
I have multiple lipsticks in my makeup bag just so I have options because I don't do the same makeup look every single day so it's good to have options. I made sure I put in my NYX Lingerie in the shade LIPLI 04.
I also have my favourite liquid lipstick formula, Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick in the shade Celebrity skin.

 My favourite lipstick by Tanya burr cosmetics in the shade Pink cocoa.
Urban decay eyeshadow primer which is original.
My studio fix powder foundation by M.A.C.
My lasting perfection concealer in the shade in fair 1.
My all time favourite mascara the volume million lashes.
 And incase it's a rainy day my clear water proof topcoat.
 The smashbox mascara.

 My trusty eyebrow pallet by tanya burr cosmetics.
That's all that's in my makeup bag, I hoped you liked it.
Victoria xx

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