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I'm sure if you've read my blog for a while or know me in real life then you've 100% seen me wearing one of these items of clothing let alone a whole outfit from 'this vast selection of my fines clothing' (pretend that was said in a posh accent and instead of clothing it's wine). Anyway here is my most worn items of clothing throughout 2016. P.S. Over 75% of this stuff you've probably seen before because they are mostly all from America. I made sure whilst I was there I didn't spend money on things I wouldn't use so this is the outcome, enjoy!
I could not find the exact shirt on their website but here is a similar top from Calvin Klein.
Ok so I am actually wearing this right now as I type this but this is from Ross over in America.
I couldn't find the exact one on their website but this one is similar and I actually want to get this one as well it's from Forever 21.
I purchased this in America (the running theme in this post) at Macy's. I have brought it out for summer in Australia because believe it or not but two days ago it was 32 degrees Celsius.
I purchased this cropped top from Romwe, it's not the best quality but good enough to go out wearing it.
This pair of shorts, when i first saw them they looked like how they are on the left side and when I tried them on I was like nope I am returning this, it's not for me. But the soul purpose of me buying these was so then I could roll them up, I liked it so I've worn it often. I got it from Romwe, it also came with a belt but I just wear it without it.

I got these jeans from Macy's, I've worn them so much purely because I love a good knee ripped jeans :b

I purchased this from Calvin Klein if you couldn't already tell by the name on the jumper.

This jacket is so cosy and the best thing about this is that it's reversible, I didn't know that it was until my cousin pointed it out when I came back to Australia, it's from Tommy Hilfiger.

I got this jacket from Ross which sadly don't have a shop in Australia. I got this because everyone I think needs to have at least one plain bomber jacket, right?

This item was a complete gamble if it was actually going to fit and if it was a decent material when I ordered it because from youtuber reviews the website doesn't always have the best review but I saw someone purchase this and said it wasn't bad material and quality so I went and bought it, didn't it?! I purchased this and a couple other items from there so if you would like to do a haul let me know. I purchased this item from Romwe.
I got theses last year around this time and could not find them on the website but here is one very similar, it's from Cotton On.

My favourite pair of jeans I wear so much, I am actually wearing it right now. I usually roll them up a bit because I need to get them tailored and I got it from Zara.

I've probably worn these to death but it's like the best fitted leggings I've brought online although at first I thought these where to small for me because I got an extra small but it turns out it's like the perfect fit. At this point with buying it last Christmas, the mesh/rope detailing has kind of ripped but I just go with it and say it's "like ripped jeans". I couldn't find the exact pair on the website but this is the closest leggings I found on the same website it's called Laser Crop Tight.

I purchased this and two other pairs in blue and pink (that's how much I use these) sometime last year and I am not sure if they still sell these but I looked and I don't think the do anymore but I got these from Kmart. And yes I am that kind of girl who wears yoga pants out to buy a pizza but they are comfy so I don't mind and plus that colour purple is my favourite.

I hope this gives you an insight on my favourite items at the moment or should I say year? Let me know if you would like to see a Romwe haul because I have mixed reviews on many items from there.
Victoria xx

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