Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to now over 10 thousand of you! It was this time last month when there was only 4 thousand of you here, I think having 10K of you here is one of the best presents I've got for Christmas, double digits! I feel like I am turning 10 again haha.

This time last year I started my blog, Rabbit Nibbles and had 200 of you by Christmas and even then I was amazed and so excited for 2016. I always look forward to seeing my whole family for Christmas day and we all get together and play a board game, it's my favourite thing because as much as I love technology and texting people on the internet I love just sitting down with no electronics at hand and playing a game with my family and having a laugh, that's what makes memories that will last forever.

I can believe I actually finished blogmas, nearing the end it was a bit of a struggle to come up with different ideas but I did it! So from here onwards I will be posting a blog post every/most weekends. I want to get back into baking so expect more baking blog posts in 2017!

Well I'm off to start making biscuits for Christmas tomorrow and just help out in the kitchen in preparation for tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely Christmas day and share it with the people you love.
Merry Christmas
Victoria xx

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