Greek Easter - Kourabiethes Biscuits

If you ever ask me what my favourite Greek biscuit is, it is definitely Kourabiethes and its not just because it has a lot of icing sugar on it... It crumbles in your mouth when you eat it and the mixture of icing sugar and almond just tastes amazing, you have to try it out!

What you will need:
250g of butter (room temperature)
100g of icing sugar
100g of almonds (can be whole of roughly chopped with peel)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 tablespoons of ouzo (greek drink)
1 tablespoon of rose water
450 to 500g of flour (sifted)
6g of baking powder
1kg of icing sugar (for powdering)

Preheat your oven at 200C, place the almonds on a baking tray and sprinkle with water, then bake them for 7 to 8 minuets (make sure not to burn them).
Mix the butter and the icing sugar (100g) for 20 minuets until nicely mixed and creamy and fluffy. Once done add the vanilla extract, the rose water and the ouzo, then blend. Whilst blending add the baked almonds into the mixture and continue blending until all combined.
In another bowl, put the sifted flour and the baking powder and blend them together. Gradually add the flour into the butter mixture and mix it in with your hands until all the ingredients are completely combined and the dough is soft.
Layer 2 trays with baking paper and form the Kourabiethes, I decided to make them into star shapes, as this greek biscuit can be any shape you like, as the shape of the biscuits in Koulouria biscuits are more traditional and are meant to be certain shapes.
Place the baking trays with the kourabiethes in the second and fourth grill of the oven and turn the heat down to 180C.
Bake for 20 minuets, until they have a very faint golden tint and are cooked through.
Leave them aside to cool down, as if you try and lift them whilst they are still warm they will break.
Once the biscuits have cooled down get your large bowl of icing sugar (500g) and dip the kourabiethes (in batches) in to the sugar, make sure the sugar sticks to all sides. When done, sift the extra icing sugar (the other 500g) over the Kourabiethes.
And then they are ready to eat! Don't eat all of them at once, you may get a sugar rush. If you recreate these biscuits or any of the greek easter baking be sure to use the hashtag #oriagreekeaster on either instagram or google+ or even on your own blog!

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