Best Friends Reunited

These holidays Nibbles and Lola missed each other so much that we could not keep them apart for that long, so we let them see each other again! Just for fun as I see a huge boost of excited-ness in Nibbles when Lola comes over.
At first I thought it was just because when they first met it was mating season (I know, not the best time, right?) so we just thought, why not see how they both react this time when clearly mating season is over.
Turns out Nibbles had the same excitement that he had before which is so cute as it's a little surprise for him and Lola to see each other again. Trust me, after Lola left Nibbles was bouncing around for a further two days straight he was that ecstatic.
Although I have some hesitation separating them as both Lola's owner and I thought they seemed a little bit down after the two week stay with Nibbles and I. It was great to see that joy in both of them again and I hope Lola can come over more because Nibbles definitely wants to see his best friend again next holidays!
As you can see by the photos Nibbles and Lola went skateboarding (not really), lets just say it was a new experience for them (in other words they just hopped off the non moving skateboard).
When inside Lola decided  that she liked playing with the curtains (Nibbles likes playing with it too) Now and then we would have to separate the two of them, just incase (we don't want any baby bunnies).
When both Lola's owner and I were distracted as we were doing work, all of a sudden we hear some munching, we knew it wasn't lola because she was right in front of us. We turned around to see Nibbles munching on Lola's food and also drinking her water! Keep in mind Nibbles food was on the opposite end the the room, by Nibbles doing this we both burst out into laughter. At the end of the day Nibbles and I were left with the remains of lola food and water which Nibbles kindly ate!
To sum that day up Nibbles was ecstatic for the next two days after that and can't wait to see Lola again because they have the best of times together!

Lolas instagram:
- @omg_lola_the_cola

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