Little Rabbit Nibbles


Hi, this is the life of Nibbles the rabbit. Nibbles has a Instagram account which has grown in popularity these past months and I seem to be writing/captioning his photos and videos with his fun/crazy adventures and well basically, what Nibbles gets up to on a daily basis. So it got me thinking because most people on Instagram don't read my enormous paragraphs about nibbles day and what he seems to really enjoy, I decided to make a blog and see what happens. So if you would like me to rate or review an item which Nibbles has tried, or share a food recipe which is rabbit friendly let me know. :)

Nibbles has been on Instagram for around a year or two now, it has been very slow pace (in terms of followers and likes) but recently the accounts followers have gotten into the thousands! which I am so grateful for and would have never imagined, thank you so much. xx
Instagram - @rabbitnibbles

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