Homemade Christmas Cookies For Rabbit's

Want help with training your rabbit? Christmas cookies are the answer! Nibbles loves these cookies, at first he was a bit sceptical (because they're a bit to dry for 'Nibbles's liking') but after a bite he really enjoyed the treat and lets just say he didn't just want one cookie.
I've made these before, but I had to recreate them as I may have burnt them in the previous attempt, so watch the oven frequently when baking these! You can also give these to your guinea pigs, as rabbits and guinea pigs share the same pellets.

You will need
1/2 A cup of pellets
1/4 Of a cup of oats
One banana
Half a carrot

Pre heat oven to 200°C
Blend the oats in a blender till it is a fine powder. Blend the pellets or crush them using a plastic bag and a rolling pin. Mash the banana and blend up the carrot so it is in very thin slices. Once done mix the banana, the carrot, the oats and the pellets together. After mixing let it sit for around 10 minutes, then see if you need to add some water if the mixture does not hold together. 

Grab a baking tray and line it with tin foil. Use a rolling pin to flatten the mixture so that it is roughly 1cm thick, then cut it into which ever shapes you would like, it doesn't necessarily have to be Christmas themed, use any cookie cutter shapes you have available to you.

Pop them in the oven and bake at 200°C for 20-30 minutes. Slide the cookies onto a rack for them to cool off for 1-2 hours, when done give one to your rabbit or guinea pig!

But don't forget this is a treat and not an everyday food, so mainly give one a day. I hope your guinea pig or rabbit enjoys it, as Nibbles absolutely loves these!

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