Fruity Ice Cubes

 Fruity ice cubes are a nice and cool treat for your rabbit this Summer. Nibbles really enjoys having one or two ice cubes on a hot day. These are easy to make and you can make these with any kind of vegetables or fruit. Nibbles first just nudged the ice cube but once he sniffed them he started to lick and bite it, then devoured it in seconds (obviously not in seconds that would be a bit worrying).  Anyone can have these ice cubes as they don't have any rabbit food in them, you could pop some into a smoothie or some juice.

You will need
An ice cube tray
A freezer
Types of vegetables and fruit:
If you have frozen vegetables or fruit put
them in warm water first so they can thaw

Have your ice cube tray on standby before you start.
Grab your carrot/s (as many as you want, but just remember how many carrot ice cubes you want to make) chop them up so they are 1 to 2cm thick and place them into the blender with two tablespoons of water (you may add some more if you feel the need to) once blended like a smoothie pour it into the ice cube tray.

With other ingredients such as kale, raspberries and or parsley you won't need to cut them up as they are small enough for the blender to blend them up! And if any of you were wondering I took the skin of the papaya and cut it up into cubes then blended them with water.
I recommend you giving papaya to your rabbit as it is good for their digestive system, but not too much! Give your rabbit half of the papaya or less, and then you can have the rest.

Once all of your fruits and vegetables are blended and poured into the ice cube trays, all you have to do then is put it in the freezer overnight!
You may want to keep the kale ice cubes in the
freezer for longer because as I realised there was still a bit of kale that was not frozen properly, so leave them in for a bit longer but other than that you're ready to go.
A good tip, save some of them by putting them into a plastic bag and into the freezer for later!

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