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Ok so lets get straight to the point, I am a low key fangirl of many of the British Youtuber's and frankly I'm ok with that, they make me laugh, smile and sometimes have a laughing fit which on one occasion I literally fell on the floor with laughter. Youtube is a great place.
I love youtube so much that I have a playlist on my youtube channel called Videos that make me happy, just incase i'm having a down moment because I am a human after all (I know shock horror). So overall i'm kind of a youtube addict, I'm pretty sure if I continue with my ways it will become a problem but lets just leave that for the future to handle shall we.

So to contribute the my words of me being a 'low key fangirl' my absolute favourite Youtuber is Joe Sugg also known as Thatcherjoe on youtube, I first discovered him whilst I was looking at youtube videos about the Kardashians (It was a phase, I watched all 10 seasons of keeping up with the Kardashians within 4 weeks... Oops) the first video I saw of Joe's was How To Be Like Kim Kardashian now I know what your thinking "why would she want to be like Kim Kardashian?" it's as simple as I didn't want to be, I knew it was a joke video and it was bloody hilarious, and from Joe Sugg I had been opened up to a whole other side of Youtube. (Picture from @joe_sugg Instagram)
From Joe I watched Zoe Sugg's (Zoella, I'm sure you've heard of her) videos. My favourite videos of hers are her vlogs she seems so genuine and kind and seems like such a nice friend to have (Mark Ferris you lucky duck) She legit laughs at almost everything, which I can relate to so much because I laugh way to much but hey, a day without laughter is a day wasted (thats my motto by the way). (Picture from @zoella Instagram)
Mentioned just then, Mark Ferris, he is hilarious and has such a positive vibe I love his videos! He is so quirky and real to his audience and is just really relatable. Great videos and deserves so many more subscribers. I love that he is not to shy to show his serious side and how he doesn't care if people see him being nervous, I envy that. (Picture from @markyyferris Instagram)
To continue with the British popular Youtubers, Pointlessblog aka Alfie Deyes. He posts a vlog everyday so he is obviously a daily vlogger (just like Joe Sugg (; ) I always leave Alfie's vlogs till last in my subscription box because I always leave the best till last whether that's food, tv or youtube videos I always do it. The reason why I leave his daily vlogs till last is because he is the most positive up beat Youtuber in my subscription box, he always puts a smile on my face and he genuinely cares about his viewers (not that everyone else doesn't). If I had to chose one person to watch everyday it would have to be Alfie. (Picture from @pointlessblog Instagram)
Now going on to a bit more of a smaller following than Zoella or Thatcherjoe, Ebony Day. I found out about her from one of Alfie's vlogs and I decided to subscribe to her, she seems like the nicest person and is so chilled and happy it's like a breath of fresh air. She so deserves more subscribers because she's doesn't have one bad bone in her body and frankly her smile is contagious. And (correct me if I am wrong) she lived in Australia for a while but then moved back to Britain! I can hear a bit of an Aussie accent in her voice now and then, I think that makes her even more relatable/friendly  because we have something in common. (Picture from @ebonyday1 Instagram)
For all you Jaspar fans out their (including me) I can't just mention Joe without mentioning Caspar, now can I? I recently went to see Joe and Caspar Hit the road USA tour and both of the boys were so sweet and hilarious.
So back onto Caspar, where do I start. First of all Caspar is one of the fourth youtubers I ever started to watch on a weekly basis and he, just like joe was hilarious and many of his videos have gotten into my playlist videos that make me happy.  And don't worry Caspar you will get sponsored my Nike one day I believe in you :) (Picture from @caspar_lee Instagram)
Just to name a few people who you should watch on youtube, because they are just really great beings that make me smile. Comment who your favourite Youtuber is and send me a link to your favourite video of theirs I would love to see it.
Victoria xx

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