4K Of You?!

It's a bit of a shocker when I think about how many people read every word that I type and send off into the pixelated atmosphere called the internet. But I needed some other place to post my pictures other than Instagram. And no, English is not my best subject but I'm working on it, every single week, on this blog! (no joke it has actually helps me)

Now, I don't know if this is my early Christmas present from you guys but only last week I hit 3000, I'm sorry what?! I started this blog in December 2015 and only telling my best friends and family, although I was still posting on Rabbit Nibbles I started to run out of ideas to blog about because I mean it's a blog about rabbits, how many blogging ideas can you create on one thing? Now I didn't want to completely shut Rabbit Nibbles down, I wanted to expand my blogging themes into my favourite things at the moment, beauty, style, baking and life! When I was a kid and someone asked me what I was going to be when I grow up I always said "I want to be a fashion designer". Maybe that's where this all came from? I don't know but what I do know is that these couple of years I have found what I love in life, I love maths, art, photography, makeup, rabbits, gymnastics, oh and youtube, you can't forget about youtube. 
One blog post which I had absolutely know idea that it was going to be my most clicked on post is My Nail Polish Collection I had posted that on the 28th of May 2016 and from that day it has gotten over 4 times my normal amount of clicks on a post, which gets even more clicks every time I upload a next blog post without even promoting it! Why people like that post so much, I will never know but I am so grateful for it 💜.
One of my favourite blog posts that I have done was A Spring Day Get Ready With Me I don't know if it was my mood at the time of writing it but I feel like that post shows most of my personality in it compared to any other of my posts. I got such great feed back from you guys and is now my fourth most clicked on blog post!
Now lucky last, this blog post was mainly posted for future me to look back on and read what I did with my adventures this year and it is America My Travels Not only did you guys on twitter love it but also I loved it, all throughout my trip I had my camera by my side taking photos and videos of everything, yes I was vlogging but I'd proffer that to stay on my desktop, sorry. But I made sure you guys got to see my travels and what I had been up to for six weeks. Yes, I had a crazy few weeks leading up to my holiday with writing and taking photos for my following 6 blog posts but it was worth it because I now have you reading this.
I am so excited for the future and you should be getting excited for my future Christmas blog posts! I honestly can't wait for Christmas. I would be that person who puts up all their decorations in the start of November but i've just been to busy. But hey, there always Christmas music! So get excited for the future and as always leave me a comment down below, anyone can do it it's just down there you don't need a google account or anything, well I guess you need a wifi connection and a digital screen, but that's all.
Victoria xx

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