Update on Rabbit Nibbles

Some of you might be wondering where Nibbles was whilst I was on holiday, well before my holiday started I asked myself the same question.
Nibbles ended up with my next door neighbours, so I didn't have to move his hutch that far. I gave them some hay, his pellets and seed mix with a bag of carrots and kale (because that's his favourite food) Lets just say he is a super bunny, considering how much kale he eats.
All throughout the trip I missed him and wanted to make sure he was ok, which of course he was. During the week before I went I am pretty sure he knew some how because he was following me everywhere. It was strange because it was in the middle of winter and that is definitely not mating season where he goes crazy and follows everyone around the house.
The second I got back from holiday and got to my house I went over to my neighbours house and brought him back. When I picked him up he was so fluffy and had clearly gained two things whilst I was away, a wooly coat (which meant he was shedding everywhere) and a bit of a gut (I'm not going to lie) he seemed a bit heavier.
That was the longest I have been away from Nibbles since I had got him and I missed him so much although it's good to know that if I ever go away again in the future he will be ok.
Victoria xx

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