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As many of you might have guessed by my blog post about my travel essentials, I went on holiday. I traveled from Australia straight to non other than Los Angeles!

I landed in LAX and spent three days there, then went to Las Vegas.
This is the view from one of the hotel rooms in which I stayed in. I stayed in Las Vegas for about a week then back to LA to fly to New York for the first time!
I was so excited to travel to New York, everybody who I knew had been before said that it has such a different vibe there and once you get off the plane everybody and thing is buzzing. I mean it is the city that never sleeps, right?
I loved all of the buildings in New York. There was so many things that I felt like I needed to take a photo of its just such a picturesque city.

This was honestly such an amazing site and is so eye opening just to see how many people and families whom were affected by the tragic event on the 11th of September. Besides the negative, that event brought millions and millions of people together to morn family and friends losses.

Can you spot the statue of Liberty?

Central park is truly one of my favourite places in the world, if I could live there I so would, I would walk through it everyday it's just so nice and peaceful, New York is my second favourite city in the world that's for sure.

Two things on my bucket list that I really wanted to do whilst in central park is ride a bike around in central park and also go in one of those little rowing boats in the lake. Those two things is the recipe for one of my favourite days.  
Throughout this trip I have gained a loving for museums and so naturally I had to go to the American museum of natural history, and although I didn't get to see everything it was such an awesome experience and would so go back in there and see it all again. (I know that's not the statue from the night in the museum movie but he's cool anyway)
From New York I went to Washington D.C via train...
This is me (clearly), in a space museum in Washington. I highly recommend going to this one it has such cool stuff and it also has in-fight simulators, I went in one and did a 360 rotation from the ground to the roof and back to the ground, it. Was. Awesome.

This sunset was honestly the best sunset of the trip, so pretty.

I finally saw the white house!
This picture is in China town in Washington, in a Starbucks cafe. My favourite drink is the berry sangria ice tea and my second favourite drink is the smore frappuccino. My first Starbucks was in La and I got the double chocolate chip frappuccino, I wouldn't say its my favourite but it is pretty good. From Washington I was going to go to Niagara Falls, Canada by train, but I missed the train by two minutes! So driving is how I got there in 12 hours from Washington to Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls, Canada is so pretty and the sites there were amazing. I went on a tour of the whole area  and went to the skyline tower, to the tunnels behind the waterfall then to the Niagara Falls whirl pool and then back to where the water actually falls to go on a boat around the falls, it was such an amazing site.

This isn't my car, I wish it was though, haha.
Another museum I went to was the Guinness world record museum it was so cool and it was one of the most interactive museums I went to during this trip. On the last day in Niagara Falls I went on a speed boat and went in the whirl pool and in level 6 waves, lets just say those rain ponchos did absolutely nothing when it came to not getting wet from the crazy waves and my feet were basically swimming in a pool of water on that boat ride, it was such a cool experience, you guys have to try it!
Sadly I had to leave Niagara Falls to go to Toronto! I went by train, and this time I made sure I didn't miss it...

Under the sea, under the sea.
(you sang that, didn't you)
So if you couldn't tell were I was I was in the Toronto aquarium! I love seeing all the little fishies... and big fishies as well. I had't been to an aquarium in like 5 years so it was so cool to see it.
Whilst also in Toronto I went and saw this massive castle! It was so big it even had a tunnel that went to two other properties which were somewhere down the road from the castle. which took me like five minuets to get to the end of the tunnel and then another five minuets to get back! It was pretty creepy down there, not going to lie.
From Toronto I then traveled to Windsor by train again and spent one night there, then went across the river to Detroit!
I took this picture at the ford car museum, and for some reason there was a Beatles exhibition which showed all of their songs and just all of the band's history that they created. I also got to see how the Ford cars are made and the history of Ford, it was quite interesting and cool.
I went on a tour of Detroit's Renaissance centre which is Detroit's tallest building and this photo was taken at the highest restaurant in Detroit. By the way for Pokemon Go lovers out there in that building they have free wifi and a heck load of Pokemon around and it is big enough to possibly hatch an egg as well.
My favourite place to eat in Detroit was in greek town, it has the best bakery there and it even has free wifi!!! Haha. I also went to my first baseball game there! I had played baseball before so I knew what was happening thankfully, that day was one of my favourite days in Detroit I loved the atmosphere there. I then flew back to New York to see the amazing city once more, because you have never really seen everything in New York.

I went on one of those tour buses all around New York city and saw things that I had never seen before and had been told facts that I had never heard before about the city, it was a great experience and on the same day I had the most amazing hot lobster roll from downtown New York. I love my food, ok? How could I have not told you guys my experience of the best lobster roll?
One musical which I have wanted to see since the start of this year was Wicked. I was so excited to see it and I had almost missed it as I took the subway to get there in time and had to run to get to the start of the musical in time which I did, just. It was one of the funniest and heart felt musicals. It was just an all round amazing musical. That memory will be with me forever and was amazing to see it on broadway and was such an awesome experience.
After such an amazing time in New York I had to go back to LA and it was my second to last stop until I went back home to Australia, which is a 17 hour flight non-stop. That trip was an amazing experience, my favourite cities were definitely Niagara Falls, Detroit and of course New York city! I can't wait to go back there in the future, I absolutely loved it although it took me a while to adjust to New Yorks busyness I loved it so much.
After six weeks away in America, I was so glad to be back and to hear the Auzzie accent again. I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels and the problems that occurred like missing a train and almost not getting to a broadway performance in time. Let me know what you favourite place in the world is.
Victoria xx

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