My Christmas Playlist | 2016

All year round I love to listen to upbeat, happy songs and Christmas songs just are that kind of music. I look forward to that time of the year when I am allowed to play music from my Christmas playlist in the car. I use Spotify to listen to music, my username is just vmarkos1234 here's a link to my Spotify .

My favourite christmas artist would obviously have to be Michael BublĂ©. I have a couple of favourite songs from his christmas album but if I had to pick a clear winner it would have to be number 9, Christmas (Baby please come home). 
So my top Michael Bublé Christmas album song chart would be...
1. #9 - Christmas (Baby please come home)
2. #5 - All I Want For Christmas Is You
3. #6 - Holly Jolly Christmas
4. #12 - Cold December Night
5. #4 - White Christmas (Duet With Shania Twain)

The playlist has some different christmas songs like 'It Feels Like Christmas' which is from the movie The Muppet Christmas Carol which is only one of the best Christmas movies created. But seriously if you haven't seen it you have to watch it, unless your scared of muppets... then maybe that movie isn't for you.

Although this was a short blog post I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully my Spotify playlist got you into the festive spirit if you're not already. The playlist has old songs and modern/new songs, there seems to be something for almost everyone in that playlist so go over there and follow it!
Victoria xx

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