12 Days Of Blogmas Announcement!!!

As a secret surprise to my readers, I have decided to do a blog post each day starting from the 13th of December and finishing on the 24th of December. And yes, if you count the days from the 13th up till the 24th there is 12 days (one of my friends questioned my maths skills).

I will be posting all kinds of blog posts from makeup products to Q&A's so then you can get to know me a bit better then what my favourite products have been this month.

Throughout this festive time this blog will be a chill out zone full of little life entries, random photographs and Christmas themed EVERYTHING (I may be obsessed).

You may be wondering why I decided to do 12 days of blogmas in the middle of the Christmas season. I have been busy finishing school for the year and will have been finished by the time this blog post goes up! So I'm free to type till my hearts desire hopefully I will actually finish the 12 days but I'm making it my mission to finish the 12 days.

On the last day, the 24th I will be announcing something very exciting that I will be working on after the holidays, but for now it's a secret d: Get hyped for that and for the many blog posts to come!
Victoria xx

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