The Adventure Into The Garden

Is it just my bunny rabbit who adventures into the unknown to often, well my bunny certainly goes their often especially when he is not supposed to. And yesterday was one of those days...

It started off with someone not shutting the back door, so it was open for flies to come in and rabbits to go out. Five minuets after this event occurring my brother came in to let me know that Mr Nibbles has 'left the building'. Nibbles has gone into the garden many times before and I am well aware that he just wants to play, either by me chasing him through hard to reach places or just him digging in the dirt till his hearts content. So I let him be for around twenty-five to thirty minuets just to make sure that he had his fun in the sun.

After waiting a while I set off looking for the ratchet beast... Wait, this isn't a fictional story whops. Ok, lets start that again.
After waiting a while I got up from my laptop (I was writing my Thank-you For 2100 Followers blog post at the time) and went outside to look for my little munchkin. I searched in the front garden first just to make sure that he didn't go on the footpath or something (my worst nightmare, just kidding, but it kind of is) as he has done that before and somehow ended up in my neighbours backyard. But that was at night whilst I was asleep (That story may be a future blog post, if you want to know how he got out at night). Back to the story now,
I checked the front garden but no rabbit there, I even listened for rustling in the grass. Still nothing but the sound of crunching leaves underneath my feet. I decided that Nibbles was either inside, upstairs or in the backyard being mischievous.

I went back into the living room to find my mum sitting down watching TV, I asked her to see if Nibbles was upstairs whilst I looked for him outside. By the time I got down to the far end of my backyard I had found him (We don't have a huge backyard it's just like a jungle to get to the other side of it as it has crazy weeds because we are renovating which is taking a long time). I yelled to mum saying that I had found him but I don't think she heard me.

If you think that before this point in the story was hard just you read further along and find out the real challenge. I decided to try and catch him on my own, by trying to lure him towards me but it didn't work, he was like a fox running as fast as he could (or in this case hopping). I got quite frustrated as I kept having to go through a bush which casually whaked me in the face with its leaves, and the occasional thorn in the leg from our rose bushes, I wonder how Nibbles never seems to hurt himself. Every time he sees me getting closer to him he makes a run for it the opposite way.

I started to think about going into the garden where there is rose bushes everywhere, but I decided not to as I was wearing shorts (not the most ideal wilderness gear, I know) Nibbles raced to the right of me getting closer to the backdoor, but once I got close to him he ran back left. There came to a point of where he hopped so far left he reached the end of out garden (I can't access because these to much stuff there) He decided to go underneath it so I could not see him, so I had to rely on my hearing. I gave up, I couldn't reach him so I went to get help from my mum.

She got up off the coach and went outside armed with a broom ready for battle, just kidding we needed the broom to reach Nibbles and urge him to come out from the garden as we're to big to fit. My mum took charge and told me to go on one side and she'll go on the other side to try and catch him. I leaned forward into the rose bushes as I was centimetres away from his twitching nose yet I couldn't get him but what I did get was a thorn scraping my leg which started to bleed.
My mum gave up after thirty minuets while I was still determined to get him as it was getting dark. I some how managed to edge him closer to me with the broom in the right direction. I walked closer very slowly with no sudden movements then sprung on him reaching my hand to pick him up as quick as I could so he wouldn't try and make a run for it and have some more fun. Whilst pouncing on him I felt this sharp stinging pain underneath my shoulder, (I was wearing a thick jumper) I thought the stinging would stop within a couple of seconds... But no I felt the sharp pain all the way up to the house where I put Nibbles in his hutch.

Once I got inside I realised that I was bleeding underneath my shoulder, my thought was it must have been a throne but how did it get through my jumper. That my friends we will never know, I ended up having to put a bandaid on my shoulder as the bit where the thorn got me was stinging still because it was rubbing on my clothes, it was also because it was almost under my armpit so it was rubbing on my skin as well. So I ended up having to put a bandaid on it.
Ahh the wounds of a soldier... just kidding I survived, it wasn't that bad as you have guessed by now but it was an action packed hunt. Nibbles love to play at my expense.

I hope that gave you an insight into my CRAZY jam packed life of trying to catch peter (Nibbles) rabbit. Let me know if you would like to read more of his crazy adventures in the comments below! And let me know what you would like to read next. I hope you have a great day and smile!

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