June Favourites 2017

Hi everyone, here are six makeup and skincare items that I have been loving and using so much through out June. A couple are products that I have loved for a long time and there are also some new ones :)

This has been one of my favourites for a long time, it's formula is very creamy and has a golden glow. It blends very well and is best applied using my fingers.

Again this is one of my favourite makeup items, I would say it is my all year round foundation but to be honest it is a little dark for my skin in the winter times even though I still use it.

Ok so this is probably one of the newest items in my makeup draws and it is such a perfect nude lipstick. Not only is it matte but it also is quite moisturising, considering that it is a matte formula. I will say although it is matte it is not long lasting.
I must say when it comes to taking off my makeup I can be lazy. This is the perfect product to take off my makeup, it takes off waterproof mascara really well and makes my face feel quite moisturised after. One problem which I have found is that when taking off eye makeup it leaves a bit of a cloudy vision, but that is only if you don't use water with it. So this is a great product to take off your base makeup but not really for your eyes.
The ordinary range is amazing skincare. That's all I can really say, but this in particular is one of the most effective and amazing product that they offer. It is essentially a blemish and vitamin formula which I can really see a difference when I use this consistently. I haven't had any big and or deep pimples since I started using it and because I have used so much of it I bought another two bottles as I just finished it, I highly recommend this.
Alright so this is one of many peoples staple skincare items, this I would say isn't as affective at getting rid of pimples (mainly white heads) as the ordinary serum but I definitely see a difference in my pores and all of the blackheads in my nose.

I hope this gave you some insight as to what your next purchase should be ;) Let me know what your favourite product is at the moment
Victoria xx

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