50,000 Of You?!

Where do I start, holy moly this is insane. 6 months ago I wrote a blog post called 4K Of You?! which at the time I had only been blogging for almost a year at that point and honestly I thought that was insane but of course 5 months later and here I am with almost 13 times more then amount of readers I had on my blog at the time.
I am currently writing this on the 10th of May 2017, in my living room with my bunny, Nibbles nibbling on his carrot. Ever since last December there has been a crazy amount of you guys on here reading my blog especially people from America, so hi! And thank you so much :D This blog post is kind of a reminiscence of what I have done/achieved (not bragging) through blogging these past 2 years.

Well where do I start, in December 2016 I upgraded my Sony digital camera to the cannon 70D which I was so excited and I still am to be honest. I know that there is now an upgraded version of the 70D called the 80D but I am so happy with the 70D and also the 80D was super expensive at the time.

Last week I went to relay for life for the first time, which is a fundraiser event for cancer research and also to raise awareness for cancer. I went with one of my friends and her mum and we walked around 7km. We slept overnight in a tent at the oval and then at 9am we went home.
Whilst I was there I finally met Ellie for the first time. We have been messaging each other over Instagram and keep in mind I have never met someone online and then after physically met them in person but I am glad it was Ellie. She is so nice and bubbly and fun you have to go check her stuff out  - Ellie's blog .

This year I started a street art series on my blog and Youtube channel called 'The Street Series' because not enough people realise how much amazing art work is in my city and they don't know exactly where to look so I help out and find the streets for you :)

I recently started working with Reward Style which is an invitation only website/marketing website which allows you to show your audience where you bought the clothes that you wore in that post by using a gadget that they provide you with. Reward style also has amazing help and gets you involved in web seminars and more. If you are a blogger or have a job using social media I would recommend giving Reward Style a go.

Although posting blog post every week is a bit of a struggle at the moment with all of my assignments, the two reasons why I do it is because one day I want to go back to this blog and just remember what my interests where at that point in time and how much I have changed and just reminisce on how far I have come (hopefully I have gone far). And the other reason is because (cheesy factor going up) of you, if I didn't get as much support from you guys then I wouldn't try to make these posts good (not they they are amazing). So thank you :)
Victoria xx

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  1. WOW I am soooooo proud of you .
    You put much time, effort and thought in all your posts .
    Thank you for sharing a snippet of your life with us
    Keep it going


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