About Nibbles

Age: 4 (at the moment)
Birth date: 17 of September
Type of breed: cute and fluffy?
Gender: male
Age when adopted: 6 weeks
Personality: VERY adventurous, and just in general crazy!
  • Running (or in this case hopping)
  • Chasing me all around the house (and nearly making me trip over him all the time) 
  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Carrots 
  • Getting rubs on the head
  • Flopping out (as shown down below)
  • Being cheeky and going out and adventuring into the garden
  • Going through the tunnel
  • Playing with a see through curtain
  • Big dogs
  • Stairs (yet he is adventurous and enjoys going for a little wonder upstairs, even when he is not supposed to)
  • Dried corn
  • Going into his hutch

So as you can tell Nibbles loves many things but when he is put in a situation in which he 'dislikes' such as being put into his hutch which normally ends up with Nibbles running up and down kicking the sides of his hutch a couple of times, just to get the message across that he is annoyed and wants to be brought back inside (that cheeky munchkin). My favourite thing that Nibbles loves doing is playing with the curtain, he just runs around with a bit of the curtain in his mouth trying to twist it and just playing and having fun with it in general, which I think is adorable.

Instagram - @rabbitnibbles
Email - rabbitnibbles.owner@gmail.com

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