Colour Pop Haul

So recently I purchased a heap of products from Colour Pop. Colour Pop is a really affordable and high quality brand which makes incredible makeup (especially lip products). Here is what I bought, not gonna lie they are mostly nude colours whoops! But I have been looking for that perfect one and I have found it in this haul so scroll down to find out which one it is :)
These are all from the lipi-stix collection.
 This has a mixture of lipi-stix (top) and liquid lipsticks and lipgloss's (bottom).

 This is the best nude ever! I love this and is now my literal go to, it is perfect. If I don't feel like wearing a matte lip though I will just put a clear gloss over the top and it works wonders.

So that is it, I hope you liked it (this is in no way meant to be bragging I just thought it would be helpful) :)
Victoria xx

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