Bunny Party | Happy Birthday Nibbles!

It's Nibbles birthday today! He is turning 4 this year and wanted to celebrate as this was the first year I haven't seen him as much as I went on holiday and I wrote a blog post about it called America | My Travels. I decided to show you guys how to make a safe DIY cupcake for rabbits! Although humans can't eat it unless it is without the pellets which you can do if you would like although I've never tried it so let me know how that turns out but for now I'm going to show you how to make a DIY rabbit friendly cupcake, enjoy!

You will need
1/2 A cup of pellets
1/2 A cup of oats
2 Bananas
3 Strawberries
1 Carrot
1 Apple
1/2 A papaya
50mL Or less of water
A tsp of honey
A blender
Pre heat your oven to 325F or 162C
Grab a plastic bag and a rolling pin or you can use a blender to crush up all of the pellets and oats. Make sure you blend them separately. Once you have blended them together you will need a mixing bowl and put both the pellets and the oats in it and start to mix them together until the are combined. 
Grab your blender again and add one banana, 1 strawberry , 1 carrot, some apple and half a papaya as papaya is great for a bunnies health. Pour some water into it and blend away, until it is all blended and smooth.
Grab the mixing bowl with your dry ingredients in and pour your wet ingredients into the mixing bowl.
Mix the ingredients together with either a spoon or your hands (just remember it gets very messy). 
Line your cupcake tray with some patty pans and pour the mixture evenly into each one.
Bake them for 10-30 mins... Once done put them into the fridge for 10 to 20 mins so they will be easier to put the icing on.

For the icing you will need to mash one banana, if you would like you can add a strawberry and one teaspoon of honey to thicken the icing mixture.
For the finishing touches add a couple slices of strawberries and carrot for cupcake toppings and sprinkle oats on top and then your done!(and maybe add a couple of cheeky blueberries as well)

I hope you like how these rabbit friendly cupcakes turned out, Nibbles definitely likes them and I hope your rabbits do to. I cut out a little love heart for Nibbles's cupcake. Even though the cupcakes won't always be pretty, trust me your bunny will love them either way. And don't worry Nibbles won't eat all of these, I am giving them to some of my friends rabbits to snack on.
If you recreate these cupcakes for you rabbit make sure to send me a picture or tag me on either Instagram, twitter or by google+ and I will definitely reply.
Victoria xx

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