A Day At The River

Me and my friend Skye had a fun day shopping from 12pm till 5pm which seems long but trust me it defiantly didn't feel that long, after spending to much money we decided to go down to the river and go on the paddle boats which it was Skyes first time going on one. We payed to go on it for 15 minuets. Considering we were in the middle of a river, somehow we were still able to connect to the cities wifi. On many occasions we came uncomfortably close to the large black swans in which both of us had a mild freakout and paddled like there was no tomorrow, as we thought we would get bitten by them. Although you need to paddle to get to one side of the river and I consider that as 'exercise' it was rather quite relaxing. Many of my friends know that I enjoy exercising, but also relaxing so combining the two is perfect. After that we got on to a tram to china town and got some bubble tea which was the most delicious drink I have had from china town. note for future me: get the GG passionfruit green tea. It was such a good and fun day and I definitely slept well that night considering the amount of walking we did.

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