Toys That Your Rabbit Will And Will Not Enjoy

As I live in Australia I'm unable to purchase quite a lot of rabbit toys because most rabbit websites that sell rabbit toys, treats and food, don't ship to Australia. I am a rabbit owner who likes to see my rabbit have fun and toss things around. (Fun fact : rabbits play by throwing things around). So I find other alternatives such as toys that are made for birds, cats and mice. Or basically anything that is small enough for a rabbit to play with.

Here are toys that Nibbles plays with:

"Avi one coloured wood parrot toy chain"
Price: $5.99 (similar types cost $5 to $15)
Note: The bell is easily detachable with a bit of force
- Your rabbit can chew on on and grind their teeth down.
- Its got a hook that enables you to place the toy anywhere.
- It has a bell on it, many rabbits get frightened with bells.
- It is rope so your rabbit may chew through it.

This item doesn't necessarily need to be hung up on the roof of a cage. Nibbles normally just chucks it around, even when it's on the ground. Even though the toy can be chewed to grind down his teeth, Nibbles does not often chew it and seems a bit pointless in that regards but it seems like he does enjoy this toy. So overall a good purchase but would only get one as it is not his favourite.,_perch,_beads_&_bell_-_26cm_long

Cat tunnel
Price: $10 (similar types cost $5 to $10)
- Easy to put away (folds up).
- There are three ways to get out of the tunnel.
- It's a good obstacle to use when training your rabbit.
- The crunchiness of the tunnel (the sound it makes when played with).
- It moves around a lot due to the shape of the tunnel.

I must say Nibbles was not 100% on what the anonymous object was at first, so he sniffed and poked it here and there but soon got comfortable with the toy. This toy is definitely Nibbles's favourite, although it does take up quite a lot of room. When folded it can be easily stored though. If the size is a problem for you and want to be able to fit it into a small space there are quite a lot of lengths in which cat tunnels come in, just make sure to check the size before buying it. I would definitely recommend buying a cat tunnel for your rabbit... If you can stand the noise. Make sure to feel the fabric before buying to see if you can stand the noise or not.

Cat toy spring with ball
Price: $4
- You can put food such as kale in the middle of it and make it a challenge for your rabbit, by doing this the challenge stimulates their brain.
- Nibbles also likes to put it onto it's side
- Due to Nibbles size the toy is a bit bigger than him which does effect him playing with it.
- The ball rattles.

I must say this object does have many ways rabbits can play with it. One problem I have come across when I bought it, is that the ball on the top rattled, rabbits are not all that fond of objects that rattle when moved. A quick solution is to take the ball off which is quite simple to do and by doing that Nibbles seems to interact with the toy a lot more. Overall not the most interactive toy in which Nibbles is attracted to, I would not bother buying another one if it breaks. The toy is a good way to stimulate your rabbit's brain now and then but overall Nibbles doesn't seem to be attracted to the toy.

I do not have a photo of Nibbles with this
as it broke a while ago, apologies
Cat swat and swing
Price: $2.50
- Nibbles enjoys playing with anything he can move.
- It's easy to store away.
- The mouse fell off after a while.

Nibbles wasn't all that interested in this toy, and it also broke quite easily. The toy is thin but if you don't have a cupboard to store it away, it is rather quite noticeable. I do not have much to say about this item as I will not be repurchasing it due to it breaking quite easily and Nibbles wasn't all that interested. He would play with it for a couple seconds at a time but it was definitely not his favourite toy.

Trixie natwood flex wicker bridge
Price: $10.99 (similar types cost $10 to $31)
- Can grind down rabbit's teeth with the wood.
- The toy is very flexible and can change from a tunnel to a wood mat and others.
- For a rabbit of Nibbles's size it needs to be a bit bigger.

apologies for the bad quality, this is
 the only photo I have of the item
The wooden bridge was a bit of fun, but for a rabbit of Nibbles's size it was a bit too small and it is more suited to hamsters or guinea pigs. I may in the future buy this item again, but only if it is bigger. Nibbles did go through it and also sit on top of it but still was a bit too small. If there was a bigger size I would have definitely opted for the larger one. The bridge was not chewed very much and I would say if you wanted it so your rabbit can grind down their teeth, go for a different option as this is not what you're looking for. Instead go for a hard food block or a pine cone. Over all this toy is worth buying if you want your rabbit to have some fun (just make sure to check the size).

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