How To Keep Your Rabbit Cool In Summer

As some of you may know rabbits are more active during Spring and early Summer, as most animals come out of hibernation. At this time of the year it is mating season as well but only for a fraction of the Summer. Most rabbits and other small animals will get hot very easily and will possibly dehydrate without the proper care and shade. Here are some ways and ideas to keep your rabbit cool and hydrated in the Summer.

  • Frozen water bottle (also a good way to recycle)
  • Frozen fruit cubes
  • Water (put ice cubes into the water to keep it cool)
  • Cold tiles such as bathroom or laundry
  • Drape a dry towel and have a fan blowing through the towel so it doesn't hit the rabbit directly
  • If unable to bring inside drape a wet towel over their hutch
  • Make sure their hutch isn't in direct sunlight throughout the day
  • Rabbits release heat through their ears so mist the outside of their ears now and then
  • Brush your rabbits fur as nobody wants extra fur when its hot
  • If unable to go inside place a ceramic tile in their cage for it to lie on

These are just a few easy ways to keep your rabbit cool and hydrated through those hot summer days. I understand that many of you may not be in summer at the moment but as many of my readers live in the southern hemisphere I thought it would be appropriate to share some ideas to help your rabbits get through those incredibly hot days. If you would like to see how I created those ice cubes I will be writing a future blog post on the recipe and the process of creating them.

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