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Ok let's go all the way back to Monday, I did nothing... absolutely nothing. To be perfectly honest I've only been outside my house once since Wednesday. But from Wednesday to today i'm glad to say I've been outside a lot more.

At the start of this week I knew it would be the most chilled out/boring week of this year because I was basically in the house without my parents from 8am up until 5pm so your probably thinking I could have done whatever I wanted, go to the shops, throw a party, invite friends over but no, I sat on my bed watching youtube and typing blog posts and taking photos. Oh and I forgot one thing eating as much junk food as I liked but in my house the food goes quickly (unfortunately).

Due to the lack of food by Wednesday I took it upon myself to get my mum to drive to the supermarket and get food with me. We were just going there to get eggs and bread but we ended up with 2 bags full of groceries. Whilst this was all happening we called up a pasta place for dinner that we were supposed to pick it up within 10 minutes, we got there within 20 minutes (oops). All through this week Nibbles (my rabbit) has been following me everywhere I go, literally as shown in the picture below.

On Thursday I decided to read a book called To Be Perfectly Honest I've never read a book like that it was such a cool book and is very close to being one of my favourites now. I think the ending of the book was very well resolved and didn't leave you with any questions about what would happen next for the character and yes I did finish the book within a day. At around 3pm I started to do my makeup, gold eyeshadow with Tanya Burr lipstick in the colour Pink Cocoa. I decided to go for a semi-natural makeup look because I went to my cousin's graduation at 6:30. I'm am so proud of her she looked so pretty and I am so glad to be her cousin.

Yesterday was Friday and from yesterday onwards everybody has finished school for the year where I live, so that means that my boring week has come to an end and now I can go and have fun.
Have you had anything fun happen to you this week? Tell me about it in the comments bellow.
Victoria xx

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