3 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Lets just say I love halloween too much, mainly because you can try some CRAZY makeup looks which you probably wouldn't be caught dead (see what I did there 'dead'(I know, the cringe)) looking like that in mid-March. I promise you I am not at all a 'pro makeup artist' I just wanted to try some fun and interesting makeup looks that are creative and easy.

Under The Sea...

I started off all of these looks with foundation and concealer as a nice and clean base.
I know how crazy this looks, me, holding some stockings up to my face but trust me it gives such a cool fish-like scale pattern.
So I am using this really cheap pallet which has heaps of different colours, you can use any colour similar it doesn't have to be the exact same but you get the idea.

This will act as your 'contour' and also if your like me and don't really have cheekbones, you can 'pretend' that you have check bones for at least one night of the year.

Now with highlight, find your most pigmented and lightest highlighter you have. If you have Jeffree Star skin frost in ice cold then go all out because it might get dark whilst your trick or treating and someone's going to need a flash light, and that flash light will be you, or in other words your highlight.
Moving on to eyeshadow, I used this colour all over the lid as a base and drew a line from the outer corner of my eye, to my eyebrow then straight up to my hair line. I then blended it out.
As this eyeshadow is glittery I used this all over my lid and from the outer corner of my eye to my eyebrow as well as on my bottom lash line.
To widen my eyes a bit I put the shade pearl on the inner corners of my eyes and a bit on my cupids bow.
For eyebrows, I definitely think this would work so much better with blonde eyebrows but I'm working with what I've got, so I use this just the same as I would with my normal eyebrow product.
This is optional, but to give the look a bit more colour I went with this lavender purple above my eyebrows, I basically drew my eyebrow shape but above my eyebrows (you'll understand later).
As I am looking a bit scary with what looks to be no eyelashes I use my favourite mascaras for my top lashes and my bottom lashes.

To make sure you can really blind someone, add three stick-on jewels on top of your cheek bones.

Then add another three underneath them but larger and blue coloured stick-on ones. Place them on top of the blue.

Where you drew the purple lines on top of your eyebrows place three purple stick-on jewels on the lines.

In between the purple jewels place stick-on pearls on the purple lines as well as on the inner corners of your eyes.

Between the three blue jewels, stick on larger blue jewels, preferably in a lighter colour.
For the lips add a lip balm (this will make the eyeshadow stick to your lips like lipstick).

Find a silver/turquoise metallic eyeshadow and pat it on, if you use an angled brush you can line your lips as well.

To finish off the look add another shade of blue (Shock horror). Use this all over the top of your forehead, kind of like how you would use bronzer on your forehead. Also add it under your chin and jaw. If you would like you could use the stocking pattern down your neck for extra effect with your costume and then that's it!

Two Faced 

For this makeup look I do my makeup as I usually do it, nothing different or halloween esc. Besides the orange and black eye makeup.
For my brows I used this shade from the sweet peach pallet, it was something I had not tried before but it was close to my shade and I needed a change in products.
In my crease I used this lightly warm brown shade.
I then used this all over my lid as a base colour.
On top of the base colour I used this shimmery rose gold shade all over my lid.
I then did a little cat flick with a liquid eyeliner. 
I had never tried a little cat flick but I seem to really like it, I usually go for the 'eyeliner so sharp could stab someone' look, but not this time!
I then coated my lashes with my trusty lash sensational mascara and my bottom lashes Clinique mascara.

To continue with the peachy/halloween vibes I used this NYX soft matte lip cream in Athens.
I went back in with my concealer to sketch out the shape of the outside of a spider's web on my face.

As you can see I have used this many times and is very loved, so why not use it again!
By using the lightest shade I use an angled brush to create a rectangle on the peaks of the spider web shape.

As the cream highlighter is not pigmented enough I used a grey eyeshadow and patted it on to the rectangle to give it more colour and so it would stand out more.
I used a gel liner to trace around where the concealer spider web shape was.

I then used my cream concealer and traced around the inside of the gel liner and around the edges of the rectangles.

To finish off the 'two faced' makeup look add grey around the inside of the spider web shape and your done.

Comic book character

I uses this in the creases of my eyelids.
I then created a sidewards V from the crease of my eyelid to my lashes, just like eyeliner.

First create a winged eyeliner and drag it down all the way to the inner corner of your eye.
Then create two flicks going towards your nose on each side.
Underneath your bottom lashes create three eyelash like triangles on the outer edges of your eyes.

To create my Cara Delevingne eyebrows (literally) I used a black eyeshadow and a tinted brow gel to cement my eyebrows in place.

First a red matte liquid lipstick (the more vibrant the better) make sure to miss a little oval area on your bottom lip and then use your lightest concealer.

Now for the most time consuming part, the dots. I just used a matte lipstick so it won't move if I lean my hand on my face. To apply it I used the end of a brush to get the perfect dotted effect. You can go with any colour, personally if I had a white matte liquid lipstick I would have used that but you've got to work with what you've got.

Using a gel black liner, line your lips.
Using a gel black liner outline underneath your cheek bones, down one side of your nose then on the other side draw a half circle near the bottom of the side of you nose.
To create the POW! sign I first outlined the outer shape it with a concealer, then outlined the POW! with a concealer.

I used a gel black liner to outline the POW! And to outline my collar bones and neck (badly).
I then filled in the outside of the POW! and also inside the circles from the block letters.

To colour in the POW! I used this liquid lipstick, it was the closest colour I had to yellow, so if you have a yellow use that to fill it in with.
I outlined the POW! sign to finish of the final look.

These makeup looks are probably the most absurd makeup looks I have ever done and would love to read what your going as for halloween.
Victoria xx

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  1. Very creative and Theatrical what an Impact.
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