Nail Polish Inspired Makeup Look

I did a blog post on My Nail Polish Collection in May and have recently gotten more nail polishes to add to my collection, although my favourite at the moment is this gorgeous gold shimmer nail polish from O.P.I called Up Front & Personal. To add an extra element to the already perfect nail polish, I added a matte top coat called Mind over Matter as I am addicted to matte anything right now!

My golden rule (see what I did there) with an outfit or a style is match, or at least have plain on bottom and crazy colours on top. So that's what inspired me to create this makeup look.
For a foundation I used my Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation, which gives medium to high coverage depending on the amount applied.

I then used the wake me up concealer to cover up most of my spots, or at least the spots that were red.

To blend my foundation and concealer I used this brush which is great for blending concealer into your foundation, as it is small enough for a concealer brush but big enough to blend your foundation too.

To set my foundation and my concealer, I used the studio Mac fix powdered foundation.

I used the beached bronzer by Urban Decay as it gives a natural contour and a gorgeous bronzed glow to my skin.

I never usually use blush because I am usually naturally red on the face, but it is the too faced sparkling Bellini and I can't resist any too faced product so it was a no brainer, as you can see from my crazy silly face.

Although this smashbox product is a eyeshadow trio I use this product to fill in my eyebrows as they are a perfect colour and is not to pigmented. I use the lightest colour to highlight underneath my brow bones.
I used my Kylie cosmetics liquid matte lipstick in the shade koko k which is such a gorgeous shade, it is quite a natural colour and smells amazing. 

As a highlight I use the dose of colours hidden treasure pallet in the shade pearl, I use it on my cupids bow, on the tip of my nose and on the tops of my cheek bones.
I used the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer to make sure my eyeshadow stays on for longer and it also helps with how the eyeshadow is applied.

I first use the Semi-sweet shade in the creases of my eyelids and make sure I blend it out well. I then used the shade Marzipan all over my lids, from my lash line to the creases of my eyelids. I also went back to the hidden treasure pallet and used the shade pearl again in the inner corners of my eyelids to give the illusion of brighter and wider eyes (so it makes you look more awake).
I then used my nude by nature angled brush and applied the shade hazelnut to the outer corners of my eyes and up to the creases and from the outer corner of my bottom lash line to the centre of it.

I then went in with my Maybelline lash sensational mascara and my Clinique bottom lash mascara.
Then to finish off I cleaned off my eyeshadow with my concealer, all I did was draw a line from my bottom lash line to the end of my eyebrow like I would do with eyeliner. I then blended it outwards away from the eyeshadow.

The final step, set it all into place. I use my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. I do four spritzes in an X motion. After that your done!

I hope you like this look, I certainly loved creating it, I really love the colours as I said before I love golds and coppers. Let me know if you recreate this look or if you buy one of these products I used by tagging me on Instagram or liking and commenting on my Facebook page. I'll be sure to see it and reply back!
Victoria xx

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